Jaycie + Kyle

I met Jaycie about a year ago, My husband and I had just moved to Keizer and I needed a new hair dresser. I sat in Jaycie’s chair and we became instant friends. She is kind and funny, with a heart of gold. She is so beautiful that from the day I met her, I was dying to photograph her! This past summer, I had the pleasure of taking her’s + Kyles photos. They arrived beyond prepared. Jaycie had furs, pillows, beer, blankets, flag, you name it, she brought it. I am so happy she did! The set-up we created added the best aesthetic to the shoot.

Once we had everything set up, I had them crack open a beer, starting playing some music and getting everyone comfortable. Kyle plays the guitar, so of course we had to use it! It was so sweet to sit by and watch Kyle wrap his arms around his lady and try to teach her how to play. Lex, their dog, sat on the sidelines watching all the action until it was her turn to join the show. That pup is a ball of energy! Honestly, the whole shoot was a dream. I could go on and on about how amazing these two are, how sweet they are, how much I adore being around them, but I won’t. Ill let you enjoy their smiles all on your own!